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Just wanted to say massive thank you to Kerri, for fitting me with my custom made orthotics. I’m delighted with them and couldn’t imagine not wearing them now in my rugby boots and everyday shoes. I’m already feeling an improvement in my training and performance. ( 4 weeks after receiving them) I would recommend Kerri to anyone wanting to try orthotics . Thanks again Kerri

Anthony Fenner

I visited Kerri at her local practice following problems with my feet following exercise. Each time I tried to run a moderate distance it seemed to set off pain in my feet, toes and shins. After a diagnosis, I was prescribed orthotics (inserts) for my footwear. When using them, I now find that my weight is distributed differently and my feet are no longer causing me the aches and pains. Now that I am training as hard
as I ever have , if not harder, I continue to be problem free whilst I'm wearing them. They have totally changed what I am able to do.
Many thanks for an accurate diagnosis and friendly experience.

Nathan Wood

Maybe for whatever reason, today has been hard but please take some time out to accept this gift in recognition of my appreciation for what you have done for me this year. You gave me a small part of your valuable time so whatever the highs and lows that today brings, you are valued and the time you afforded to me is something for which I would like to say a thank you.
Mr Buchannan, Northamptonshire

I have been seeing Kerri for over 7 years now for general footcare and within this time I broke several bones in my foot as a result of an accident.
My foot really struggled to heal, which dramatically compromised my ability to walk which was a serious issue for me as I do not drive. I was advised by an orthopaedic surgeon to have an operation due to the pain I was in. I was not at all keen for various reasons, one being I would be unable to weight bear for up to two months. Kerri recommended bespoke orthotics to address the new painful condition I had. What a miracle! Within just a few weeks my foot pain improved so much so, I was able to cancel my operation. I am now virtually pain free and can walk without the aid of painkillers.
I can not recommend Kerri highly enough.....

Julia Tarry, Northampton.

Having visited my GP with a painful left foot and being told there was nothing wrong , just go home & rest it, I was lucky enough to find 'Kerri Money'on google. Not only did you identify I had a deep corn on the bottom of my foot but within half an hour had removed it & sent me home a 'new' man. Allowing me to engage in my love of sport & walking once more without pain... a wonderful feeling!
The service you provided from start to finish was fantastic, not only in your manner, ( keeping me informed of everything that was going on, what had caused it to happen & the possible outcomes moving forward) but also your skill in removing the corn without causing me any discomfort or pain in a very relaxing manner.
You are a star & your name will be promoted to everyone , whenever the opportunity arises.
I wish you every success & will finish by saying...
'May I never have to see you again' but for all the right reasons!

Brian Adams... a delighted patient. Northampton

I saw Kerri for many years for regular foot maintainance and was always impressed by her caring nature and ability to do her job so gently but thoroughly. I do struggle with my walking as I do have disability issues, but after having a biomechanical assessment with Kerri she has been the only person that has explained to me my areas of weakness and has been able to improve my stability with the use of specialist orthotics. ( insoles) They have been the best money I have spent & simply can't go without them now.
Unfortunately, I am moving away from Northampton and I'm hoping to find someone as good as Kerri.

Mrs Barbara Page. Southfields, Northampton.

I met Kerri at her Wellingborough clinic as I take my wife for regular routine care. I started to see Kerri myself as I was finding my big toenails harder to manage and they were causing me ongoing discomfort. We decided between us that nail surgery to remove the toenails fully so that they wouldn't grow back would be my best option.
My treatment was first class! I had no pain at all with the procedure and my aftercare was excellent.
The healing process took sometime but this was explained to me in detail and was to be expected.
I had very good attention at all stages of my recovery and have had a very satisfactory outcome.

Geoff Taylor. Wellingborough

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